Mount Lico photos (Feb17, Nov17, May18 expedition)

June 18:  Safely back from the expedition to Mount Lico – a great success.  We managed to climb to the forest on top thanks to an expert climbing team.  In total 28 people surveyed two sites (Mount Lico and Mount Socone).  Hopefully we have discovered at least several new species to science, which will add to the evidence base to protect these sites and create a new montane ecoregion in this part of Africa – thats the overall plan.  There will be a film documentary on the expedition released before December 18. First impressions below:

Scientific adventure in Mozambique’s rain forest

Scientists are exploring a lost rainforest hidden in a Mozambique volcano for the first time


May 2018.  I am about to lead a scientific expedition to Mount Lico in northern Mozambique, which I have been organising for the last 4 years, to visit a rainforest on top of a volcanic plug that you have to rockclimb to get to – watch this space …..

April 2018. I will be part of the discussion panel at the launch of ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants’ and the screening of ‘Before the Big Bang 5’, an excellent film by Nick Franco, which will be followed by a discussion on the importance of science on the big screen.  At the Rich Mix in Shoreditch on 28th April at 1.30pm. Please come and support.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Screening & Panel

May 2017. Come to my next presentation at Oxford Natural History Museum (1st June 7pm):

May 2017. Just finished a 7 month court case as a State Witness for the Government of Malawi.  36 people were arrested and successfully convicted for illegally logging within Lengwe National Park – upto 1 million Mopane trees destroyed.



Mozambican-Chinese operation caught logging in Malawi national park

March 2017.  Off on another scientific expediton to Mt. Mabu – this time to try and walk to the centre of the largest rainforest in southern Africa …..

some of the new species:

Dr. Julian Bayliss: The Real Life Explorer

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  1. Hi Julian,
    I will be attending ‘Dangers and discoveries’ talk at Oxford university museum of NH on Thursday and was wondering if you will be free to talk after the presentation?
    I believe we have a mutual friend in Simon Pearson with whom I go travelling once a year and I’d like to discuss the possibilities of an adventure in Mozambique.

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